Fat banking is the most recent practice of freezing and storing your own fat after liposuction for future cosmetic procedures, such as autologous fat transfer. Patients can greatly benefit from using their own fat for future procedures. After all, what is more natural than your own fat?  Also called liquid gold, your fat is now the future of cosmetic enhancement. Patients don’t have to use their fat right away- that’s what the fat storage is for! Fat can now be saved to be re-injected later!  We utilize fat banking to combat aging in several ways, including facial fat transfer, body fat transfers and for stem cell rejuvenation to be used at a later date. uses state-of-the-art techniques to remove fat cells for fat transfers to another are of the body, or for body contouring and body sculpting purposes.  First, patients will undergo water-jet assisted liposuction using the Body Jet® system. This method gently removes fat cells without damaging the cells or stem cells.  The Vaser system is another option to remove the fat, depending on what goals the patient wants.  The fat is then frozen and stored for future use at an optimal time for the patient. As we age, our body loses volume in different areas. Using your own fat to remedy this issue can give you the most natural looking results. Using your own tissue can also reduce the risk of negative side-effects. Fat banking is also very cost-effective over time compared to injectable filler treatments!


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